When Does the Punishment End?

Without a doubt, it was not as bad for me as it could have been. I never spent a day in prison. I successfully completed five years of probation with no violations. I’ve heard horror stories about mandated group treatment programs, but my experience with a group wasn’t so bad. I came off the registry … Read more

Response to Op-Ed in Hartford Courant on the Sex Offense Registry

registry reform

An op-ed was published on Saturday, January 11, 2020 about the sex offense registry in CT and can be found at this link: https://www.courant.com/opinion/op-ed/hc-op-gilchrest-sex-offender-registry-0110-20200110-ribwhef6wbafjm254nfv6c3mmu-story.html   Below is a paragraph by paragraph response to that article.  The first line in each section is intended to be a paraphrase or quote from the article. The commentary follows. Paragraph … Read more

Words from An Anonymous 79 Year Old Registrant

I was approached by someone on the registry in another state who would like to share his story while remaining anonymous.  It’s not long, but he talks about the difficulties in finding a decent place to live, supportive friends who don’t know how to help, and judgmental family. Can anyone relate? Words of Anonymous: “My … Read more

Letter to Members of State Judiciary Committee

registry reform

Today, I mailed letters to 40 State Senators and Representatives on the state’s Judiciary Committee regarding a bill that would modify my state’s registry. When I testified in person, I spoke about the need for the bill to be inclusive and not leave others behind.  But, in my letter, I wanted a more personal touch. … Read more

Perpetual Shame (My Story) – Part 1

Fall Fiasco With 21 months left on the registry, life was going great and I was on a high! There was light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, that light was an out of control train heading straight toward me. Picture this: Yom Kippur is our holiest day of the year. We learn about … Read more