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1/ If you are in NY, are affected by public registration, have a loved one who is, or fundamentally oppose registries as a matter of human rights & because they distract from strategies that actually reduce sexual harm - We must join those on the ground & expand our coalitions.

I'm 100% convinced the only way through this mess is building allies through coalitions-demonstrating humanity. Nothing else will create lasting change. We know our culture created the Super Predator myth -- we can't dismantle that myth with aggressive behaviors. #EndTheRegistry

Looking for your thoughts on The Feminist War on Crime by @ayagruber using the hashtag #read4justicewithamber. Excited to announce she will be joining us for a live Q&A via Zoom on July 28th at 4 pm! Stay tuned for details. This week - Ch 3 & 4.

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What Is Copaganda?? A Look At The Dangerous Ways Police Seek Public Sympathy

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Smart idea - Take press credentialing away from NYPD! Journalists must be able to report on NYPD w/o fear of losing press credentials. #FirstAmendment #democracy
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Matthew Chayes@chayesmatthew

THURSDAY: a TV cameraman is recording arrests of protesters in Manhattan. A police spokesman holding a baton ordered the cameraman across the street (out of view of the arrests, behind hundreds of cops) and threatened to revoke his police-issued press card: “You won’t work!”

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