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Little things add up: Facebook excludes us. NextDoor takes it a step farther with our families. Disney won't let us in their parks. NC won't let us attend their fairs. Many towns have residency restrictions. Some cities won't let us near their parks and libraries. America 2019.

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CoreCivic loses pinkwashing battle and thrown out of LGBT chamber of commerce! @cut_50 @FAMMFoundation @JustLeadersUSA @worthrises @RAPPcampaign

#MeToo Mob Rule.

@UltraViolet @nytopinion @NewYorker

Editorial: Firing the judge in Brock Turner sex assault case was a step toward mob rule

Really terrible crimes activate anger and vengeance. Prison forever. How we deal with the worst of the worst reveals our collective humanity. @SentencingProj @RAPPcampaign @DeathPenaltyAct @DPInfoCtr @laurawhitehorn @joshuabhoe #Justice

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