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BREAKING: As a former corporate exec who worked with McKinsey, I may be able to shed light on one of @petebuttigieg’s unnamed McKinsey clients, and why it’s very significant in this campaign.
(Note: I have not endorsed anyone in this race, nor do I intend to) 1/13

@Gus_Kroll @nyclawgrrrl @G_Padraic @LVikkiml Also if people want to support programs in prisons there is a great one where they are going into prisons and having parents read books for their kids recording it and giving the recording and a copy of the book to inmates children.

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Damnation forever or a chance at forgiveness? Jennifer Gonnerman with a closeup of this struggle. #justice
@RAPPcampaign @jengonnerman @paroleprepny @nlgnyc

Prepping for Parole

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