Welcome to End the Registry!

EndTheRegistry.com was created in 2018.  The world has changed significantly in the intervening years, but the one thing is clear: groups that focus on ending the registry are needed more now than ever. The movement is gaining momentum across the United States as more people are impacted. 

The original goals of this site were:

  • Develop a community that offers various types of support for registrants, friends, and families
  • Provide informational resources related to sex offender registries
  • Promote fact-based decision-making while dispelling myths
  • Create a culture of “us,” to counter “us” vs. “them” thinking
  • Be a resource for all interested parties
    • registrants
    • families
    • friends
    • survivors
    • treatment providers
    • probation and parole officers
    • legislators
    • anyone looking to learn
  • Reduce moral panic

Other tools beside traditional websites have popped up to help build community, so this site has turned into more of a one-way information platform with some resources and blogs.  And that’s okay. The movement to End the Registry is alive and well and there are many people taking part. 

About End the Registry

End the Registry was initially created in December 2018 by an individual on the registry in Connecticut (me). As being on the registry carries great stigma, I preferred to keep my name from being associated with the site publicly. After learning of various cases of registrants across the country, many of whom have suffered far worse consequences than I, I decided to do something positive for the community. Note that 2020, I came off the registry. I didn’t have to petition because I had completed the 10 year term of my original sentence. In 2021, I applied for and was granted a pardon and expungement. I stay engaged in the work as I learned firsthand the ineffectiveness and damaging effects of the registry. 

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