Registry and Career: Nobody Wins

In the fall of 2008, I was arrested in a police sting which resulted in a felony conviction in 2010. I was sentenced to five years of probation which included ten years on the sex offense registry. Immediately following my arrest, I was told by a professional recruiter and friend that he would never be … Read moreRegistry and Career: Nobody Wins

Letter to Members of State Judiciary Committee

registry reform

Today, I mailed letters to 40 State Senators and Representatives on the state’s Judiciary Committee regarding a bill that would modify my state’s registry. When I testified in person, I spoke about the need for the bill to be inclusive and not leave others behind.  But, in my letter, I wanted a more personal touch. … Read moreLetter to Members of State Judiciary Committee

Advocating for Registry Reform (My Story – Part 2)

Once the Temple fall-out settled down (see part 1) somewhat, I knew what I had to do: speak up. I needed to find a way to use all of the negative events that happened to try to help others. For the most part, I’ve been anonymous in my advocacy as I work up the nerve … Read moreAdvocating for Registry Reform (My Story – Part 2)

Perpetual Shame (My Story) – Part 1

Fall Fiasco With 21 months left on the registry, life was going great and I was on a high! There was light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, that light was an out of control train heading straight toward me. Picture this: Yom Kippur is our holiest day of the year. We learn about … Read morePerpetual Shame (My Story) – Part 1