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According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, how many people were classified as registered sex offenders in the United States as of December 4, 2018


When stating that the rate of recidivism is “frightening and high,” Justice Kennedy cited a 1986 Psychology Today article where a psychologist claimed (without any scientific evidence) that the rate was which of the following:


Multiple peer-reviewed studies have consistently shown recidivism rates for sexual offenses to be much lower than the 80% figure cited by the Supreme Court. Which of the following is a more accurate representation of actual recidivism rates:

The majority of sexual offenses are committed by repeat offenders.
Registries keep us safer.
More often than not, the person committing a sexual offense is a stranger to the victim.
Which law requires law enforcement authorities to make information available to the public regarding anyone who has committed a sexual offense?
Which law required anyone who commits a sexual offense to register with local law enforcement?
Which law makes a distinction related to levels (or tiers) of offenses and also contains civil commitment provisions for certain individuals?
How long in advance must someone traveling out of the United States notify their local registry?
International Megan's Law requires stamps on passports indicating that the traveler has committed a sexual offense.
Residency restrictions are consistent across the country.
According to the Supreme Court, registry laws are NOT considered punishment:

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