In recognition that Sex Offense Registries are ineffective in their stated aim to improve public safety and yet they cause great harm to registrants, their families and communities, we commit to the goal of ending registries in the United States by 2025.

    Across the United States, Sex Offense Registries are punitive. They have caused excessive collateral consequences while diverting funds from prevention, survivor, and reentry programs. Rather than reform, the whole system must be dismantled.

    WILL YOUR JOIN OUR MOVEMENT FOR A MORE HUMANE SOCIETY? (Individuals or organizations are encouraged to take the pledge.)

    We invite you to join us and sign this Registry Abolition Commitment Pledge.
    Our goal is to educate the public including legislators, the media and voters to enable more informed decision-making based on facts rather than emotions.

    I/WE SIGN THIS PLEDGE on behalf of in .

    I/We commit to form a team (or designate an existing team) to lead our community in one or more of the following: (check all that apply)

    Researching the history and ineffectiveness of sex offense registriesMeeting with legislators to educate them on registries (and get them to sign the pledge)Educating the media to reduce sensationalized journalism that continues to keep people locked in their worst momentsSupporting programs and initiatives that champion the idea that people who have been held accountable should be allowed to move on with their livesPromoting efforts on social media to abolish registriesAmplifying voices of people who have been impacted by failed registration laws Communicating efforts taken at the local level back to the national movementBringing the national movement to your local community

    End the Registry, in turn, commits to providing us with:
    Actions to take, to address the issues facing registrants and their allies.
    Communication about efforts happening across the movement.

    I/We commit to leading our community to abolish sex offense registries.

    Please download the Registry Abolition Commitment